Research activities

Fault Tolerant Systems

Study of the effects of faults in digital systems, development of methodologies for fault detection, VLSI manufacturing test, fault tolerance and design of highly reliable digital systems. High expertise in testing of complex integrated circuits. Interest in Error Detection and Correction codes, in particular on their application to memory systems. more info

Novel Computational Paradigms at Nanoscale

Study of the novel nanoscale technologies for the development of gigascale systems. Particular expertise on Quantum-dot Cellurar Automata (QCA). Ongoing research collaborations cooperation with:

  • Northeastern University (Prof. Fabrizio Lombardi)
  • Sandia National Labs (Dr. Erik DeBenedictis)
  • University of South Florida (Prof. Sanjukta Bhanja)

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Design of complex Digital Systems on FPGA

Established skills and experience in the design of complex digital systems based on FPGA such as a prototype of a Solid State Mass Memory for Space Applications. The detailed description of the design can be found here

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Funded research grants

  • Leverhulme Project Grant: Our group has been awarded by the Leverhulme Trust for the project “Monitor: a self-reparable memristive gas sensor array” (here)
  • CISCO Research Award: Our group has been awarded by CISCO for a project on the use of Bloom filters for error detection in Content Addressable Memories (here)
  • COST Action IC1103: MEDIAN - ManufacturablE and Dependable MultIcore Architectures at Nanoscale (MEDIAN)
  • PRIN-2008: High-reliability Fault Tolerant Digital Systems in Nanometric Technologies: Characterization and Design Methodologies (PRIN2008)
  • OpenSparc Xilinx FPGA Sponsorship Program: awarded two Xilinx Development Boards for implementation of FPGA version of OpenSPARC T1 and T2 (here)

Available theses

Theses on topics related to our research activities are available here (page in Italian).

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