Design of complex Digital Systems on FPGA

The DFT group is interested in the design of complex Digital Systems on FPGA with a well established experience with the use of following design softwares:

  • Xilinx Software (ISE, Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS), Embedded Development Kit EDK,ChipScope)
  • Altera (Quartus II, Embedded Design Suite (EDS)
  • Mentor ModelSim
  • Mentor Precision RTL synthesis

The implementation of the designed complex digital systems has been done by using the following hardware platforms:

  • Xilinx FPGA / MicroBlaze / PowerPC
  • Altera FPGA / Nios II
  • Actel FPGA / ARM
  • Atmel FPSLIC

A prototype of a Solid State Mass Memory for Space Applications has been developed. (SSMM)

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